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Open an account at WinMoreLotto through our exclusive link and play the Oz Combo for 1 month at the exclusive price of just £1.

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WinMoreLotto is one of the world’s biggest and most popular lottery syndicate websites. They have over 10 years experience, a great track record and offer high quality service to their customers. The site allows it’s players to take part in some of the biggest and most famous lotteries from all around the world. Their service is safe, secure and responsible. They never charge any hidden fees and all transactions are fully protected by industry standard payment systems. By playing at WinMoreLotto in any of their syndicates you are massively increasing your odds of winning huge amounts of money or even the biggest lottery jackpots!

There are numerous different worldwide lotteries that you can take part in, in a syndicate. Each of these lotteries is either grouped together to make a ‘combo’ or you can play in some of the biggest separately. Some of the biggest lotteries include the UK National Lottery, the EuroMillions, USA MegaMillions, USA Powerball and the Oz Lotto. A full list of the available combos can be found on their website.

Opening / Special Offer: By clicking through via our exclusive link you will get access to the OZ (Australian) Combo at the special price of just £1 for a 1 month’s trial. The OZ Combo includes 2 of the biggest and most popular lotteries played in Australia, the Oz Powerball and the Oz Lotto. For your £1 you get a huge 90 lines each week, 40 lines into the Oz Powerball and 50 into the Oz Lotto. This gives you a massive 90 chances per week on 2 individual draws to win as much as $182,000,000!

They also offer a special 100% satisfaction guarantee where if you do not win anything within 30 days then you can request all your money back!

Syndicate Information: A syndicate is a group of people who all buy lottery tickets together in order to increase their chances of winning a prize. Official statistics have found that 1 in 4 syndicates wins lottery cash prizes. Each syndicate at Win More Lotto consists of a certain amount of shares. When the syndicate wins a prize the money is split equally between all the shares. It is possible to buy more than 1 share so you will get a bigger cut of the prize money. The maximum amount of shares you can buy for any group is 10.

Playing at WinMoreLotto: Playing here is very simple in comparison to other lottery sites. Simply select the syndicate that you want to play in. Select how many shares you want, how many draws you wish to play and add the order to your basket. Once you have purchased your selected group ticket all the lines will be scanned and stored online for you to view at any time.

Contact Information: is a trading name of Eudoxus Ltd

Address: 23 Karpenisiou St,
Mesa Geitonia,

Phone (UK) 02034703515

Email: Contact form available on website

Purchasing Tickets: You can purchase your syndicated entries using all major debit / credit cards, Sofort, Click and Buy, Paypal or Skrill (Moneybookers).

Claiming Your Winnings: If your group wins a prize below £600 it will be added into your account. You can use the money in your account to buy future tickets or you can withdraw it to your original payment method. If you win a prize over £600 then you will be contacted directly to arrange the collection of your winnings.

Benefits of Playing at WinMoreLotto

£1 for 1 month’s trial on the Super Combo
Numerous syndicates on World’s biggest lotteries
Significantly increase your chance of winning
Safe and secure
All tickets scanned and uploaded
100% satisfaction guarantee

** Update March 2016 – The WinMoreLotto Website is no longer operating **

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