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Lotto Social is the official home for lottery lovers. The website provides you with a great and easy way to play the lottery in a syndicate. Play today for just £1 for 10 entries into the next EuroMillions draw with this offer.

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Lotto Social is the official home for lovers of lotteries who are looking to win great prizes. The website is based in the UK and provides you with a great and easy way to play the lottery in a syndicate. You will not have to chase people to get the money for tickets or have to deal with any contracts should your numbers come up.

For becoming a member today for just £1 and taking up their exclusive introductory offer you will get 10 EuroMillions lines and 10 Millionaire Maker entries into the next Euromillions draw. On top of this, you will get a free £10 bonus credit and 5 Instant Win games to win up to £7000.

Opening / Special Offer: By signing up today through Lotto Social’s exclusive introductory offer you will get 10 syndicated entries into the next EuroMillions draw. As well as the regular entries you will also get 10 Million Maker entries into the same draw.  New players also get £10 bonus credit and 5 instant win games where you can win up to £7000. If you decide to continue your subscription thereafter it will cost £5 per week (billed weekly) for 20 entries and 20 raffle tickets into both the Tuesday and Friday EuroMillions draws.

Please note that the £1 introductory offer is only open for a limited time.

Syndicate Information: Each syndicate is made up of a maximum of 49 people. Any winnings will be split between the amount of people in your syndicate. In order to increase your chance of winning you can join multiple syndicates.

Contact Information:

Lotto Social Customer Services,

BCM BOX 5552,

London, WC1N 3XX

Email: [email protected]

Tel: 0161 850 4402

Winnings: Once you have signed up you will be provided with your lines and a claim reference number. You can use this number or your password and email address to log in to your member’s area. From your member’s area, you can check the results and also make a claim for your winnings. You can make a claim for any winnings for up to 30 days from the date of the draw. Prizes of less than £1000 will be sent to disbursed to you within 14 days. For prizes of more than £1000, you need to contact their customer services.

Benefits of Playing at Lotto Social

– Just £1 for 10 EuroMillions entries

– Chance to win millions of pounds

– New players get £10 credit plus 5 x instant win games to win up to £7000

– Maximum of 49 people per syndicate

– 90 days no win money back guarantee

– UK based company

16 Comments/Reviews

  • Richard O'neil says:
    5 stars

    Have been playing with Lotto Social for a couple of weeks now and it’s such an easy and convenient way for me to play! Payments are taken on a weekly basis so I don’t have to remember to buy my tickets every week cause it’s done automatically! Very satisfied with the service so far. Also had a couple of wins and I find because you play as part of a syndicate, you tend to win more often. Would definitely recommend giving this a go! – Rich

  • Michele Tims says:
    5 stars

    Signed up for the special £1 deal on this website and actually won a decent amount in the first draw. Very Happy!!!!!

  • Kenny Potters says:
    4 stars

    They give you bonus draw if your win is too small eg below 60p – prefer if they give me an option to get bonus draw which are basically more lottery lines or cash it in the future.

    All in all very happy – £9 for 60 lines is reasonable. I got the £1 offer the first time round. Won a few times, plus got a £10 Amazon vouchers from them after playing for a while. Haven’t been selected as a winner for their £300 monthly prize draw yet though! Fingers crossed!

  • jo says:

    Could u tell me if this is a scam i just signed up for this over the phone.

    • freelottery says:

      No it is not a scam. We do not list lottery scams on our website. Full details can be found on what Lotto Social offers in the review above. 🙂

    • Amanda says:

      Hi I signed up over phone.iv been playing a couple of week I’m not a millionaire yet had a couple wins nowt massive let’s keep our fingers crossed for each other play the games and don’t forget bout ur free spin love the games

  • david mckenzie says:

    i am trying to find my tickets numbers all so i dont know my password

  • Caroline Conrad says:

    i joined up in June have a few very small wins average £2.00
    Had nothing else was wondering does anyone have bigger wins ??
    Would like some return on my outgoings of £28 per month !!

  • Andy Sozat says:

    Not won a fortune but had more wins than if i bought the tickets on my own. My wins have been more than I’ve spent on the subscription up to now anyway.

  • kyle holmes says:

    I’ve just recently signed up to this and wanted to know if its legit. They said on the phone that I will get so many tickets and then on the 31st they will take £20 as a direct debit. Is this ganna be a monthly fee

    • freelottery says:

      Yes, Lotto Social is legit. You will receive the tickets that you have been offered and they will pay all winnings out should you win. The usual cost is £1 for the first draw / trial then £9 per week to continue your subscription. If you have been called to receive a special deal then this is likely to be taken monthly via direct debit. (You can always email / call their support using the details above to double check)

  • Ashleigh says:

    Been on social lotto for months now never won anything more than 60p am i ever going to win anything if havent won not even a pound by january than think im going to cancel :/

  • Cathy says:

    I’ve just recently sign up as well today and I recieved a called and they said on the phone after my 5 ticket free number I will get 80 tickets numbers and pay £20?
    Which one better the £1 first draw/ trial then £9 per week?

  • jason says:
    5 stars

    have signed up for last few weeks – and have won lots of small wins so i guess as long as i am in it you never know and its only a 5 quid a week.

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