Big Fat Lotto Review


Big Fat Lotto Review



55 EuroMillions Entries for Just £1. The Big Fat Lotto Euromillions club is safe, secure and one of the most trusted syndicate sites. For signing up with them today you will get 55 entries into the next EuroMillions draw and a bonus 44 entries into the next draw all for just £1.

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In the online lottery world, Big Fat Lottos is one of the biggest syndicate websites. Through their site you can play the hugely popular EuroMillions or National Lottery draws with loads or free entries and much bigger odds than playing on your own.

Playing on this site is like playing with a big group of friends without all the hassle. You will never miss a draw and all winnings will be collected on your behalf.

Opening / Special Offer: They have an amazing opening offer where for signing up with the site today you will get 55 entries into the next EuroMillions draw and a bonus 44 entries into the UK Lotto draw all for just £1. After this draw is over you can either cancel or pause your subscription. If you decide to continue you will be charged £7.50 for 110 EuroMillions entries per week and / or £5 for 88 Lotto entries per week. For playing EuroMillions you will also be entered into a special draw to win £500 worth of Amazon vouchers.

Syndicate Information: On the lotto draw each group consists of 49 people so if you were to win £5 million then your share would be around £100,000. If this isn’t a big enough win for you then you can play the EuroMillions draw where each group is 110 people but the jackpot tends to be much higher each week. On each Euro draw you are guaranteed to match both the lucky stars.

Contact Details:

[email protected]
Annexio Limited T/A Big Fat Lottos
St Georges Chambers
1 Athol Street
Isle of Man
British Isles

Payment Options: BigFatLotto accepts all major debit and credit cards. Once you are a member you can also choose to pay through your Skrill (formerly Moneybookers) account if you have one.

Winnings: Any small wins that you have will be credited to your online account and you can withdraw them once you have won at least £10. Any big wins you can take out as soon as you want to at no extra charge.
Your winnings can be debited back to your credit / debit card, sent to your bank account, sent via cheque or put straight into your Skrill account.

Benefits of Playing

– Safe, Secure and Convenient
– Choose which draws to play
– Opening offer just £1 for 99 entries
– Guaranteed to match 2 lucky stars in every draw
– Never miss a draw again
– 100% of winning goes to members
– No withdrawal fees

Please note that this site has been discontinued and is now known as PlayLottery. The full review can be found here

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  • James Ricahrd says:
    5 stars

    Big fat lottos is an online lottery game which is played by people from all over the world. With the help of this review I was able to learn exactly what it is and how easy it is to use. It is very precise and descriptive and the language used to explain is understandable. By reading the review I think I will be able to play this online lottery game without difficulty and I am sure I will win prizes also. This looks like an amazing place to learn about big fat lottos and how to increase chances of winning huge prizes.

    The step by step directions given here is extremely helpful. In fact, it seems there is nothing left to tell about big fat lottos after reading this review. It is always good to have honest opinions and I am glad I had one on /reviews/big-fat-lotto-review. Thank you so much for the genuine help.

  • freelottery says:
    5 stars

    I agree, nice review on Big Fat Lotto, gives me all the info I need to start playing and hopefully winning! 🙂

  • donna powell says:

    Hi im sending you this to find out how you can pay if you dont have a credit or debit card but the card I have I can set up direct debit

  • freelottery says:

    Unfortunately to join Big Fat Lottos you must have a credit / debit card to sign up. They do not accept direct debit at this time. However some of the other lottery sites listed here do.

  • Marita boyd says:

    I wish to discontinue my membership but can’t find a facility to do this

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